The USA Allocates $350 Mln Defence Aid for Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 20, 2023
The USA Allocates $350 Mln Defence Aid for Ukraine 

On March 20, Antony Blinken announced the 34th package of military aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Secretary Antony Blinken published a statement on the continuation of comprehensive support for Ukraine's struggle for freedom and announced the allocation of a package of lethal aid for the Ukrainian army. Weapons worth $350 million are being provided to Ukraine just as our military prepares for a counteroffensive.

"Today, pursuant to a delegation of authority from president Biden, I'm authorizing our 34th drawdown of US arms and equipment for Ukraine valued at $350 million. This military assistance package includes more ammunition for US-provided HIMARS and howitzers that Ukraine is using to defend itself, as well as ammunition for Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, HARM missiles, anti-tank weapons, riverine boats, and other equipment," Antony Blinken.

Secretary Blinken thanked all the states (more than 50) that united to help Ukraine and once again emphasized that Russia can end this war today. And until she does, the United States continues to stand by us "as long as it takes."

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