The USA Gave Assessment of Ukrainian Use of Weapons

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 17, 2022
The USA Gave Assessment of Ukrainian Use of Weapons

US joint chiefs of staff general believe that Ukrainians use artillery better than Russians

The "second world army" was once again unable to hold on to the tail of a former high-profile title. Head of the US joint chiefs of staff Mark Milli spoke at a press meeting on the results of the 3 meetings of the contact group on defense issues of Ukraine and made several statements about Russia's ability to handle weapons.

The general noted the numerical advantage of the Russian army. But as previously reported, "the big closet falls loudly". Millie said that the Russian army shells residential quarters and civilians. Firstly, this does not show their skill. Secondly, it does not give them a strategic advantage. Thirdly, the actions of the occupiers violate the international laws of war.

"Russians resort to the chaotic fire, which does not always have an effect in military terms," the general summed up.

In addition to disappointing the Russian army, Mark Millie expressed admiration for Ukrainian abilities. The specialist noted that the Ukrainians have mastered the western howitzers M777 and expressed the hope for the same effect after the Ukrainians use the HIMARS system.

"I will say this: the Ukrainian artillery, the skills of the Ukrainian artillery units are very, very good," stressed Milli.

Note that only in the last 24 hours, the armed forces of Ukraine forced the Russian army to retreat in the direction of Bahmut. Also, the Ukrainians hold the offensive on Severodonetsk, which many already compare with Mariupol and Azovstal.

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