The USA Renounces All Russian Energy Sources

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 8, 2022
The USA Renounces All Russian Energy Sources

On April 7, Congress and the Senate unanimously voted for an embargo of gas, oil, and other energy resources from the country that attacked Ukraine

In response to Russian atrocities in Ukraine and against Ukrainians, the US decided to introduce retaliatory measures.

Earlier, the Senate voted for an embargo on oil from gas, and yesterday this decision was supported by all 100 congressmen. The ban applies to all energy carriers from Russia.

The decision was taken as a measure to counter Putin for his actions on the territory of Ukraine and a tool for the economic isolation of Russia from the rest of the world.

The last item left before the decision is put into effect is the signature of US president Joe Biden.

It is reported that to monitor Russia's activity on the territory of Ukraine and assist our country, the intelligence agencies of the United States purchased a batch of high-precision satellites. Thus, US intelligence will be able to monitor the situation in Ukraine in real-time. This was reported by Bloomberg.

On April 6, the US minister of economy Janet Yellen confirmed that she would not take part in the G20 conferences if Russia took part in the meeting.

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