The USA to Give Ru Military Coordinates to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 17, 2022
The USA to Give Ru Military Coordinates to Ukraine

The United States plans to transfer Russian coordinates to Ukraine for the accuracy of strikes against targets from the MLRS

On June 15, The Washington Post quoted US deputy secretary of defense Colin Kahl as saying about digital assistance to Ukraine. We are talking about the transfer of intelligence data on the location of enemy targets to the armed forces of Ukraine. HIMARS is a precision weapon, so a relatively small number of missiles are more effective than on older systems. Just one missile can inflict damage commensurate with the consequences of air strikes.

"In other words, you can do a lot with a small number, you don't need a lot of such ammunition to achieve significant impact. And we will provide the Ukrainians with what they need to strike at targets on Ukrainian territory that they will choose," Colin Kahl.

Colin Kahl said that the first deliveries of 4 HIMARS to Ukraine are only the beginning of military support for Ukraine.

"We have indeed provided the initial tranche of HIMARS systems, the Ukrainians are completing training on them right now. We expect these systems to be in combat soon. We are committed to continuing the supply of this military equipment. And I know that US allies and partners are, too," said Kahl.

We remind you that earlier, Colin Kahl said that the United States will provide Ukraine with everything necessary for its defense.

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