The War and NFT 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
The War and NFT 

Ukrainian project "MetaHistory" attracted $1.23 bln to help the Ukrainian army and people

The MetaHistory platform was created to collect important events of the Russian-Ukrainian war and turn them into NFT. Just like any other NFT, Ukrainian files have the image itself and ownership. Therefore, digital works are put up for sale, offering not only a unique file but also the legal right to use the image anywhere after purchase. 

All received funds MetaHistory transfers to help Ukraine. During the year, the platform sold 2.090 NFT files. However, only 759 sites were created within the project. As of February 13, 2023, the platform has earned $1.23 billion. The organizers spend all their resources on helping the country: humanitarian aid, preservation of cultural objects, and strengthening cyber protection. Note also that the project made NFT with the cup of Eurovision 2022. The organization managed to get $900.000 from the sale of the image of the cup of the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukrainian music band Kalush.

In general, the project has attracted more than 400 contemporary artists, even world-famous artists. They joined the Ukrainian initiative and donated their works for tokenization.

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