The War. What Is “Zero”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 11, 2023
The War. What Is “Zero”

The position when the Russian occupier is 300 m from the Ukrainian military. Closer than the 1st line of defence

Zero is the terrible line of confrontation between Ukrainian defenders and Russian terrorists. So deep in the rear that the breathing of the enemy can be heard. In 300 m from each other, or even in adjoining rooms of a war-damaged, abandoned house: Ukrainian soldiers and Russian occupiers.

Volunteers and military photographers Kostyantyn and Vladyslava Liberovy visited one of the zeros.

"About 10 minutes after our arrival, the enemy drops a bomb with poisonous gas from a drone into a nearby trench. Immediately after — 2 resets with shrapnel. 4 boys were injured. We hear their screams," Konstantyn and Vlada.

The photo shows a wounded infantryman of the 3rd Separate assault brigade.

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