The World Is Filled with Anti-War Protests

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 8, 2022
The World Is Filled with Anti-War Protests

In Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, and Georgia, people took action against Russian aggression in Ukraine

While Russian propaganda changes its words and first says that Ukraine is at war with itself, then that the Ukrainian government uses manikins and fakes or shouts about a "Russian special operation", the whole world sees the truth. The world is bewildered by what is happening in Ukraine, including the consequences of the "operation" of the Russian military in the Kyiv region. The occupiers claimed more than 400 lives in one small town near Kyiv — Bucha. But the Ukrainian army will have to liberate from the enemies of civilization more than one such city and village. But already, civilians from other countries are coming out to the plaza to call for help, for an end to the war.

In just a week, in different parts of the world, there were 4 large-scale actions in support of Ukraine:

  • Berlin, Germany;

People went out into the open and laid down on the ground with Ukrainian flags. German residents called on the government to impose an embargo on Russian gas and oil.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania;

Unknown persons outside the Russian Embassy in Vilnius painted the lake bloody. Such a step symbolizes the death of Ukrainians at the hands of the Russian army and government. It should be noted that the paint-filled the entire lake was not harmful to the environment and animals.

  • Stockholm, Sweden;

In Sweden, people lit hundreds of candles in memory of the dead in Bucha, Mariupol, and other places of Ukraine, where Russia commits genocide.

  • Tbilisi, Georgia.

People went to the Parliament of Georgia after the upheaval in Bucha. People were lying under parliament with their hands tied, calling on everyone to respond to the nightmares in the Kyiv region and Ukraine as a whole.


The Ukrainian people see all these actions and are grateful to all those who call on Putin and his fascists to stop the war.

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