Three Reforms in Ukrainian Education

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Three Reforms in Ukrainian Education

The Ukrainian educational system is preparing for changes that will enter into force as early as 1 January 2022

The first reform refers to the official document, resolution of the cabinet of ministers of 02.12.2020 №1186. From the new year, changes will occur in the formation of the state order. The paper will terminate one of the paragraphs and replace some words that change the areas of responsibility. Thus, in paragraph 18, the state statistics service of Ukraine will be replaced by the Ministry of finance. This means that the executive authority will no longer accept reports on the execution of state orders. Instead of the State statistics service of Ukraine, it will now be handled by the Ministry of finance.

Another reform will concern the passing of external independent testing, which is required before entering higher education institutions. Previously, EIT mathematics examinations were not compulsory for almost all humanities. However, the list of fields of study that accept students only with a mathematics exam is expanded every year. In 2022, this list will be supplemented by journalism, social work, and social security.

The third educational reform will again address such specialties as Journalism and Social sciences. They will be supplemented by Law, International Relations, and Public management and Administration. Now, to get a bachelor’s degree, to continue with a master’s degree, applicants would have to pass two tests instead of one. As you know, the first test is a foreign language. In 2022, it will be joined by a special test of general academic competence, supplemented by a subject test. A subject test is a test equivalent to a professional entrance examination.

Some would be surprised. And only a little bit more confident are those who took the foreign language test in 2020-2021 because their results are still considered valid next year.

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