Today Is the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Today Is the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine

Every year on the 28 of June, Ukraine celebrates the day of approval of the basic legal act of the country

Today, the constitution of independent Ukraine is 27 years old. On this day, in 1996, the country's government approved the laws and rights of all residents of the country. The 1st article of our constitution enshrines the rights of people to life, freedom of speech, religion, and the limits of independence, democracy, honour and dignity. Therefore, every Ukrainian today celebrates a holiday, and in Kyiv, they replace the main flag of Ukraine with a new one. The flagpole has a height of almost 90 m, a weight – 32 tons. The new blue-yellow flag, which will be fixed on such a flagpole for the Constitution Day of Ukraine, has a size of 16x24 m.

"The words written in it in 1996 are no longer history – they have become truly vital and relevant for Ukrainians: words about the right to life and freedom, honour and dignity, the value of our land. No one in the country needs to be explained the meaning of the word "sovereign" anymore," Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The country's main document immediately in the first article states that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, and legal state. For 27 years, all countries of the world have respected the constitution of Ukraine as well as their own legal acts and charters. Today, the Russian Federation has violated both the constitution of a neighbouring state and international legal acts for 9 years and finds support in Hungarian prime minister Orban, who stated that Ukraine is no longer a sovereign state.

The modern constitution of Ukraine originates from the constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, the hetman of Ukraine. It was adopted in 1710 (311 years ago). Ukraine was proclaimed as the sovereign state, and Sweden was called its first protector. The Swedish king Karl XII confirmed this decision with a particular diploma. Therefore, the original constitution of Orlik today preserves in the museum of Sweden.

Glory to Ukraine! This country cannot be defeated.

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