Top 5 Most Successful Ukrainian Startups on “Kickstarter”

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Top 5 Most Successful Ukrainian Startups on “Kickstarter”

Ukrainian people are talented, and every hour the wine is new, she often picks up great investments for her startups

Ukrainian startup EnjoyTheWood has raised more than $530.000 to make 3D maps of the world from wood. This is their third campaign on Kickstarter and so far the most successful. Earlier, they successfully completed fundraising campaigns to create wooden maps of the world and raised more than $50.000 and maps of cities around the world that raised $100.000. 

Jollylook Startup was founded by developers from Zaporizhzhia. They created the world's first camera from recycled cardboard and two retro-style lenses and launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Their invention created a real sensation on the crowdfunding platform and raised more than $377.000 of the $15.000 announced at the start.

Ukrainian startup Concepter has twice appeared on Kickstarter with the iblazr project. Iblazr is an LED flashlight for mobile devices with Bluetooth synchronization. It was created by Ukrainian developers in Kyiv, and mass production was launched in China. The difference between the new version of iblazr 2 and the first in the form factor and improved lighting components. Therefore, the device can now be used to create photos not only with a smartphone or tablet but also with an SLR camera. You can also control the temperature of the light and synchronize up to 10 flashlights with one click. In 29 days on Kickstarter, the iblazr 2 projects raised $253.000 out of the planned $70.000.

The giant knitwear from Kyiv quickly conquered Kickstarter users. Merino wool blankets and scarves are not knitted, but hand-picked by Ohio in 2015, raising more than $200.000 from a starting target of $20.000. Now, from a crowdfunding project, they have grown into an online store and ship their products around the world.

The project of Kharkiv resident Roman Landyk raised $185.000 from the starting $30.000 in 30 days. Verum are headphones for audiophiles with a unique, according to the creator, sound reproduction technology.

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