Top 5 Ways to Get Passive Income in Ukraine in 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 10, 2022
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The most modern ways not to keep money on deposit and in cryptocurrency

Currently, Ukraine has the most advanced mode of passive income in the form of real estate. Ukrainians invest in new high-rise buildings or prepare out-of-city complexes for rent. But in 2022, the list of ways to get passive income can be expanded.


Buying shares in companies can replace a bank deposit. At the same time, if the organization is successful in the market, the payments to the broker account will be much larger than the funds invested in the deposit account. In addition to such income, there may also be an increase in the value of paper purchases.

Startup market

The startup market has a competitive advantage in the list of passive income. Development contributions are possible not only at homeland but also abroad. Moreover, venture and project development funds offer guarantees to investors. But it is worth bearing in mind that such programs also include social guarantees. In other words, the foundation draws donations from a contributor by volunteering for various projects.

Black gold

Investing in oil and gas is always a popular way of earning passive wages worldwide. Today there are even special companies that look for investors. Therefore, it is up to the financial manager to decide which program to invest in.


This is another way to replace a bank deposit with something more attractive and modern. Bonds may be held by small companies or by entire sovereign States. When choosing this mode of passive income, orient to world securities ratings at the beginning of the way.

Stock market

In Ukraine, the stock market is not a new phenomenon. Therefore, considering the possibility of connecting the passive income, paying attention to the exchange is absolutely necessary. Stock exchange funds aggregate assets of various industries, countries, indices, yielding good returns.

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