Top Ukrainian High Technology Employers

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Top Ukrainian High Technology Employers

Geography of IT companies of Ukraine

Nowadays, there is no need to establish a company in a large city or capital to proceed successfully in the innovative and information technologies field. A striking example is the variety of start-up projects festivals. Everyone can show his or her invention. The most interesting, revolutionary, and promising projects can receive mentoring or development contributions at such events.

Despite this, the geography of Ukrainian IT companies continues to concentrate in major Ukrainian cities. The most significant number of registered enterprises is located in the territory of the capital of Ukraine, in Kyiv. Large regional centers (Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa) are behind the capital.

Rating of companies for orders and work

In early December, the largest community of Ukrainian developers ( published a list of IT companies, which in 2021 proved to be the best in their business. So, the rating of companies every IT specialist wants to work for:

  •  N-iX;
  • Genesis;
  • Sigma Software;
  • ELEKS;
  • Andersen;
  • SQUAD;
  • Plarium;
  • Parimatch Tech;
  • Innovecs;
  • Terrasoft;
  • Computools;
  • Svitla Systems;
  • AgileEngine;
  • Codemotion;
  • Crunch;
  • Unicsoft;
  • Ringostat;
  • MWDN.

Companies were evaluated on several criteria: working conditions, projects, career, and loyalty.

Point out that in addition to domestic income, many companies are in demand abroad. Mainly the orders cover the needs of service outsourcing companies. The best IT specialists cooperate with German, American, British, Swedish, and Swiss companies.


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