Tuition Fees to Ukrainians by the State

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Tuition Fees to Ukrainians by the State

The state will pay 50% of the tuition fee to those wishing to pursue an IT profession

There are now about 250.000 specialists in the field of innovative technologies in Ukraine. The knowledge of IT workers is in demand both in the country and abroad, therefore the niche suffers from a shortage of people. Therefore, the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine decided to develop a popular industry.

The government plans to train new professionals. To fill the labor market, the agency plans to encourage Ukrainians to receive an appropriate education.

"IT education is a "bottleneck" place. It’s something to focus on. We have a clear vision of how to change the direction of IT education — the 15 concrete steps we will take this year. For example, we will pay 5% of the cost of education for people who want to change their profession to an IT specialty. So-called switchers — people who have never had IT education, but want to work in the industry and earn money," told the project head of the ministry of digitization Mykhailo Fedorov.

After the implementation of the program, 150-200 thousand new specialists are expected to see in Ukraine. This project can be quite successful because Ukrainians are interested in IT prospects. IT specialists can cooperate with the state and foreign customers. The average salary of the IT employee is $1500-2000.

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