Turkey Could Be Sanctioned for Strengthening Ties With Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Turkey Could Be Sanctioned for Strengthening Ties With Russia

Western leaders discuss punitive measures for Turkey due to deepening relations with Russia

Turkish leader Erdogan met with the leader of the Russian people and army Putin in Sochi. As a result of the business meeting, the leaders of the 2 countries agreed to deepen cooperation and strengthen relations in the field of energy and trade. The Washington Post reported an agreement between Russia and Turkey to partially pay for gas in the aggressor country’s currency and introduce the Russian payment system in 5 Turkish banks.

Such statements by prestigious sources have led Western countries and Ukraine to consider sanctions. First of all, the network began to think about the Russian Federation’s desire to circumvent European sanctions with the help of Ankara.

According to the Financial Times, 6 Western officials have already discussed the issue of sanctions for Turkey. The article talks about the readiness of the EU to monitor further relations between Turkey and Russia. It is noted that the imposition of sanctions against Turkey at the level of the European Union will be a complex process. However, some countries may call on their companies to exit the Turkish market, impose restrictions on finance, and trade with Russia’s ally.

European countries can reduce the number of investments in Turkish companies if Erdogan is ready to help Putin circumvent the justified imposition of sanctions.

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