Turkey Helps Russia Get Military Reinforcements

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 28, 2022
Turkey Helps Russia Get Military Reinforcements

Turkey allowed a Russian ship with "S-300" complexes on board from Syria to the Black sea

On March 3, Deutsche Welle reported that Turkey is closing the Bosporus Strait. Such a move was due to the Russian war in Ukraine. According to the Turkish foreign Ministry, Istanbul does not want a war in the Black sea. The Turkish government has the right to close the permit for Russian ships based on the International Montreux Convention.

Thus, for half a year, Russia did not receive the military reinforcements it could obtain in Syria, where its military equipment is also located. However, the second half of August forced the Russian occupiers to suffer heavy losses in terms of military equipment. Ukraine seemed to be taking the lead in the war. But on August 27, the Israeli intelligence company ImageSatIntl published pictures that show that in Novorossiysk (Russia) appeared S-300 systems from Syria. It is reported that the anti-aircraft missile systems arrived on Russian territory on board the merchant ship SPARTA II. The ship was boarded at the Syrian port of Tartus. Then the freighter sailed through the Bosphorus in Turkey. On 27 August, the installations were already in Russia.

The Russian ship was allowed into the Turkish Bosphorus on 24 August, Ukraine’s Independence Day. Does this event mean that Turkey supports Ukraine and will not provide military support to Russia?

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