“Ucode IT Academy” Creates a Free Program for IT Students

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 29, 2021
“Ucode IT Academy” Creates a Free Program for IT Students

Company "Ucode IT academy" and "UNIT.City" are launching an educational program for those who want to get into IT

UNIT.City is the first innovation park in Ukraine. A place of cooperation between startups, corporations, international companies, and initiatives.

Ucode IT academy is a production company that creates an innovative educational platform. The company's primary goal is to make a "revolution" in IT education: teach students how to code, enhance their teamwork skills, and advance their creativity by searching for unique solutions. Ucode aims to help young people to get a profession with opportunities for continuous professional development. 

Only 120 potential students will be able to take the IT course. They will be selected by testing. Studies will begin on January 31 and will last for a year. During this time, students will be able to get a new profession and find a job.

The free program is designed for beginners in the IT field. Participants will study the directions of IoT, GameDev, Full Stack, DevOps from scratch in the programming languages ​​C, C ++, JavaScript, Python.

The training will take place offline in Kyiv, on the territory of UNIT.City. The whole program is financed by the holding company UFuture.

For the best graduates, they organize a meeting with UNIT.City resident companies and IT industry leaders, partner companies: Cisco, Ubisoft, Squad, ITernal Group.

As a reminder, a private university for IT specialists was opened in Kyiv. Tuition can be paid after graduation.

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