UK and Sweden Give 8 “Archers” to Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 17, 2023
UK and Sweden Give 8 “Archers” to Ukraine 

The UK will donate the self-propelled guns, and Sweden will bear the costs of logistics, training and security

On March 16, the official portal of the Swedish government published information about the joint UK-Swedish aid package for Ukraine. Sweden is selling 14 Archer self-propelled artillery mounts to the UK, 8 of which the UK will donate to Ukraine. In turn, Sweden will allocate an additional SEK 6.524.5 million for the preparation, delivery, and protection of equipment to Ukraine: Archer, previously agreed Leopard 2 and shells for HAWK.

"The cooperation with Great Britain means that both Sweden's and Great Britain's support to Ukraine can increase further. Artillery such as the Archer and combat vehicles and tanks increase Ukraine's defence capabilities and enable them to regain territory," minister of defence Pal Jonson.

Sweden calls the cooperation with the UK for the sake of Ukraine strategic. And this is fundamentally true since peace throughout Europe is at stake.

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