UK on Putin’s Future

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, March 28, 2022
UK on Putin’s Future

The British defense secretary voiced several conclusions regarding the future of the one who staged the most brutal war in modern history

As part of the fulfillment of some promise to Ukraine, Ben Wallace made several statements with which it is difficult to disagree.

  • Putin will live out his days receiving invitations to North Korea's annual holiday', British defense secretary;
  • Putin will be remembered by Russian mothers as the man who sent thousands of Russian boys to their deaths in vain;
  • He will be remembered as the man who, instead of promoting Russia in the world, made it even more isolated;
  • And he will probably live out his days being invited to North Korea's annual celebration;
  • The world will no longer have to fear Putin. He is no longer a real force in politics.

We remind you of an interesting article by the British publisher Daily Mail, in which information is provided with reference to intelligence. It talks about possible dementia, Parkinson's disease or "steroid rage" on the background of cancer treatment.

Be that as it may, the Ukrainian army will defeat Russia, regardless of the state of health of their leader.

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