UK Pledges Additional €23 Million for Ukraine’s Energy System Restoration

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, May 9, 2024
UK Pledges Additional €23 Million for Ukraine’s Energy System Restoration

The UK government has committed an additional £20 million (approximately €23 million) to the Energy Support Fund of Ukraine, as reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy

This funding is intended to help repair and restore Ukraine’s damaged power infrastructure, which has been repeatedly targeted during the conflict.

Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Herman Galushchenko, emphasized the urgency of the support, stating, "The enemy continues to destroy the Ukrainian energy industry. The help of partners is extremely necessary for carrying out repairs, restoring damaged objects, and increasing maneuvering capacity before the next heating season."

With this latest contribution, the UK's total input to the Energy Support Fund of Ukraine amounts to €50 million. Overall, the Fund has gathered more than €433 million in contributions.

This announcement follows a recent meeting in Kyiv between British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and Minister Galushchenko, where they initiated the first 13 innovative energy projects under the InnovateUkraine program, with the UK providing £16 million in funding.

The need for such support was highlighted by another series of attacks on Ukraine’s energy sector on the night of May 8, marking the fifth large-scale assault since March 22. These attacks have caused extensive damage to multiple thermal power plants operated by DTEK, leading to widespread power outages across several Ukrainian regions and necessitating emergency electricity imports from neighboring countries.

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