UK Purchased 46 “M113” for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 3, 2023
UK Purchased 46 “M113” for Ukraine

Belgian defence company "OIP Land Systems" has hundreds of tanks and other heavy equipment for Ukraine

One of the largest Belgian defence companies OIP Land Systems has been purchasing obsolete military equipment from the state for several decades. Today, the most extensive private collection of military equipment in Europe is in the hangar of OIP Land Systems.

"Here we have 50 Leopard 1s. We also have 38 German Gepard tanks, 112 Austrian SK-105 light tanks, 100 Italian VCC2s and 70 M113s," Freddy Versluys, head of OIP.

Due to the Russian full-scale attack on Ukraine and the activated West, Leopards, Chepeards, BMPs and other equipment in the OIP hangar have become in demand. It became known that the UK bought 46 light armoured vehicles M113 and an unknown number of M113A1-B from Freddy Versluys, which are already serving on the military front. In addition, the UK purchased, repaired and shipped 20 M109A4BE howitzers to Ukraine. And still, about 500 BMPs remained in the warehouse.

"We took in these tanks when no one wanted them. Now, I would very much like to see them in Ukraine," Freddy Versluys.

Today, Belgium is considering buying from OIP Leopard 1, which it once sold to the private collection of Versluys. Most of the equipment needs repair and modernization, but even in this state they are quite ready for the defence of Ukraine. Also, the state arms exporter and importer of Ukraine, Germany and Great Britain were interested in buying tanks.

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