UK Sends Helicopters to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
UK Sends Helicopters to Ukraine

3 British military helicopters "Sea Kings", will strengthen the defence of our state

British defence minister Ben Wallace said that the first piloted aircraft went to Ukraine from the beginning of the war. The first Sea Kings from a whole batch of 3 units have already been delivered to Ukraine. Until 2018, the helicopters were in the service of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. With the outbreak of war, Ukraine requested the supply of military aircraft, and Great Britain responded. Pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already completed courses on piloting and maintaining the Sea King.

According to Ben Wallace, the state will additionally send to Ukraine an additional 10.000 artillery shells, about 1.000 surface-to-air missiles, and winter equipment necessary for Ukrainian soldiers: warm kit, heavy-duty sleeping bags and mats, and heated accommodation.
Minister Wallace made an announcement about the sent and upcoming shipment of aid for Ukraine in Oslo before the Northern Group meeting. NG is a British initiative to strengthen defence cooperation between the states of Northern Europe. During his speech, Ben Wallace called Britain's support  "unwavering".

We remind you that during his visit to Kyiv, Rishi Sunak announced the allocation of a defence package for Ukraine, which will include air defence systems.

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