UK to Complete Verification Method for Ukrainian Grain by August End

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, July 8, 2024
UK to Complete Verification Method for Ukrainian Grain by August End

By the end of August, the Ministry of Agriculture of Great Britain plans to finalize a method to verify the origin of grain from Ukraine

This initiative aims to identify and prevent the sale of stolen Ukrainian grain by Russia, which may be transported and sold under false pretenses. Vitaly Holovnia, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, shared these updates.

Verification System Development:

  • Completion Date: The British side is expected to complete the verification system by the end of August.
  • Laboratory Role: Relevant laboratories in Lithuania will implement the verification methods. Training sessions are planned for September, with expected results by the end of the year.
  • Laboratories in Lithuania: Special laboratories will be set up in Lithuanian ports to determine the grain's country of origin. This choice is due to the significant volume of grain from Russia and Belarus passing through these ports.

Process and Importance:

  • Sample Collection: Ukrainian grain samples have been sent to Britain to establish a "genetic code" for Ukrainian grain. This database is built from annual samples submitted to the Research Institute for Plant Varieties Examination.
  • First Interstate Initiative: This is the first time such an analysis is being conducted at an interstate level, rather than individually by companies. The results will help Ukraine verify the origin of large volumes of grain and potentially file claims for damages.
  • Future Plans: Once the methodology is validated in Lithuania, Ukraine intends to encourage other countries to adopt similar analyses.

Quote from Vitaly Holovnia: "This is important to us because we will be able to verify the origin of our grain on large volumes and ultimately file claims for damages. When we have worked out the methodology in Lithuania, we will ask other countries to do similar analyses."

This initiative is a critical step in combating the theft and misappropriation of Ukrainian grain by ensuring its genuine origin can be verified and authenticated at an international level.

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