Ukraine $1.25 Bln Got a Grant From the USA

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 31, 2023
Ukraine $1.25 Bln Got a Grant From the USA

On 29 March, the Ministry of finance of Ukraine announced receiving investments as part of PEACE 

The United States has allocated funds for Ukraine within the framework of the project Support for public spending to ensure sustainable public administration in Ukraine. The project originated as a reaction from America and the world to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. So on 29 March, Ukraine has already confirmed the receipt of the 4th grant from America for $1.25 billion. The money came through a World Bank trust fund.

The funding received will be used to improve people's lives in the war. In particular, the funds will be spent on the continuation of pension payments and state social support programs, including assistance to internally displaced persons. In addition, Kyiv, with the help of grant assistance, will provide salaries to people who constantly perform risky work, even in cities that are not on the front line. These are employees of state bodies and employees of the emergency service. Also, granite should be enough to support employees of higher education institutions.

Ukraine is fighting for its freedom and existence. This is helped by world programs, allies, as well as the Ukrainian people, and the unique terrain. Therefore, the Ukraine government believes it will take no more than five years to restore financial stability after the war.

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