Ukraine and Canada Begin Construction of a Spaceport

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Ukraine and Canada Begin Construction of a Spaceport

Deputy prime minister of Ukraine announced that it is expected to be built in Nova Scotia by the end of the year

Ukraine and Canada have resolved all bureaucratic issues and agreed on starting the construction of a space launch facility for launching space devices on the Ukrainian Cyclone 4M carrier rocket. The deputy prime minister and the head of the Ministry of strategic industry of Ukraine Oleh Uruskyy announced on Facebook that the construction will take place at the end of 2021 in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

"On October 19, Stephen Matier, the President and CEO of the Canadian company Maritime Launch Services LTD, and I discussed the details of the implementation of this ambitious project, in which the domestic state-owned" rel="dofollow">enterprises Yuzhnoye design office named after M.K. Yangel and state factory union Pivdennyi machine-building llant named after O. M. Makarov are also taking part," said Uruskyy.

He stressed that the Ministry of strategic industry, within the limits of its authority, is ready to provide assistance to enterprises of the space industry of Ukraine during the implementation of this project, since it is mutually beneficial and opens up a wide range of opportunities for both states.

For his part, Matier said that there are already preliminary agreements with the US companies made on launching their satellites with the Ukrainian Cyclone-4M carrier rocket. The first launch is planned for the end of 2023 approximately.

"It should be noted that the implementation of certain aspects of the Ukrainian-Canadian project Cyclone-4M is provided for by the National target scientific and technical space program of Ukraine for 2021-2025, the adoption of which is expected in the near future in the parliament of Ukraine. In particular, it is planned to create an RD-870 sustainer engine with a thrust of 80 ft and use it as a sustainer for the first stage of the carrier rocket launch," Uruskyy added.

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