Ukraine and Denmark Enhance Defense Cooperation with New Memorandum

by Cheplyk Roman
Monday, March 25, 2024
Ukraine and Denmark Enhance Defense Cooperation with New Memorandum

Ukraine’s SE Defense Procurement Agency, part of the Ministry of Defense, and the Danish Ministry of Defense’s Procurement and Logistics Organization (DALO) have entered into a memorandum of understanding and cooperation concerning defense procurement

This agreement marks a significant step in the ongoing collaboration between the two countries in the defense sector.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Dmytro Klimenkov, expressed deep gratitude towards Denmark for its steadfast support of Ukraine. He highlighted the memorandum as a pivotal development in strengthening the supply of modern weaponry and military equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The memorandum facilitates an exchange of procurement expertise and collaboration in arms acquisition on international markets, underscoring a shared commitment to enhancing defense capabilities. Marina Bezrukova, director of Ukraine's Defense Procurement Agency, emphasized the importance of international partnerships in acquiring modern weapons and expressed confidence that this strengthened cooperation with DALO will lead to new contracts and further modernization of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

The signing ceremony saw participation from key figures including Deputy Minister Klimenkov, Director Bezrukova, and DALO's commander, Lieutenant General Kim Jorgensen, signifying the high level of engagement and mutual interest in advancing defense cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark.

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