Ukraine and Denmark Forge Partnership in Biogas Sector

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Ukraine and Denmark Forge Partnership in Biogas Sector

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities have inked agreements to collaborate in the renewable energy sphere, with a special focus on biogas development

This pact, signed by Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko and his Danish counterpart Lars Ohor, marks a new chapter in the decade-long energy cooperation between the two nations, expanding from wind energy and energy efficiency to now encompass biogas.

Lars Ohor highlighted the long-standing cooperation in the energy domain, noting the readiness of numerous Danish companies to engage in biogas projects with Ukraine. "Denmark and Ukraine's energy partnership has evolved over ten years, starting from wind energy to renewable sources and energy efficiency. The addition of biogas to our collaborative efforts opens new avenues for Danish enterprises to work alongside Ukraine," Ohor stated.

Galushchenko emphasized the timely importance of initiating relevant projects, reflecting on the successful ventures undertaken in renewable energy sources (RES), smart grid development, and expert assistance in integrating Ukrainian energy markets into European networks. "Our fruitful collaboration with Denmark has led to significant projects in RES and smart networks, among others. We look forward to expanding this partnership to include biogas," Galushchenko remarked.

The ministers also delved into other collaborative programs, such as Ukrainian experts studying Denmark's energy sector advancements through an energy modeling program. Galushchenko thanked Denmark for its pioneering support to Ukraine's Energy Support Fund, which has received approximately 11 million euros over two years. This Fund plays a crucial role in purchasing equipment for the repair and restoration of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, thereby enhancing system stability.

Addressing recent developments, Ohor pointed out the increased frequency of targeted attacks by Russia on Ukrainian energy facilities, resulting in significant infrastructure damage. Denmark has responded by allocating 5.8 million dollars to aid Ukraine's energy sector's reconstruction efforts, ensuring the continuity of the energy supply amidst these challenging times. This support underscores Denmark's commitment to Ukraine's resilience and the strengthening of its energy infrastructure against ongoing adversities.

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