Ukraine and Germany Forge Security Cooperation Agreement

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 16, 2024
Ukraine and Germany Forge Security Cooperation Agreement

Ukraine and Germany have signed a pivotal security cooperation agreement, underpinning the G7 declaration on providing “security guarantees” to Ukraine

This landmark agreement was finalized by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during Zelenskyi's visit to Berlin on February 16. The agreement, spanning eight sections, emphasizes both informational and security components, aiming to bolster cooperation against information security threats, including propaganda and misinformation, especially from Russia.

The agreement commits to enhancing cyber and IT infrastructure protection, supporting Ukraine's security and intelligence architecture modernization, and extending international technical assistance. Germany pledges sustained security, military, and economic support to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and ensure a democratic future. In case of a Russian armed attack on Ukraine, the agreement ensures quick consultations and comprehensive assistance, including military aid and economic support.

Furthermore, Germany vows to back Ukraine's reform endeavors, particularly in areas critical for EU accession, such as justice, rule of law, anti-corruption, and media freedom. This agreement signifies a significant step towards strengthening Ukraine's security framework and resilience against external threats, marking the second bilateral agreement under the G7's declaration on Ukraine's security guarantees, following a similar pact with Great Britain.

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