Ukraine and Poland Build a Joint Gas Pipeline

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 29, 2023
Ukraine and Poland Build a Joint Gas Pipeline

GTS of Ukraine and Poland will increase the capacity of LNG and logistics and open up new opportunities for business development without the participation of Russia

Ukraine's gas transmission system operator and the Polish Gaz System S.A. announced a plan to launch a joint gas pipeline and gas metering station to increase the capacity of gas exports from Poland to Ukraine. The plan fully complies with EU standards.

The idea of a joint gas project appeared in 2021 when the Ukrainian and Polish sides conducted a market survey and found the need to increase the gas import capacity to 8.7 million cubic meters. m.

"The project provides for the construction of a gas pipeline and a gas metering station by Gaz System S.A. and the reconstruction of a compressor station by the gas transmission system operator of Ukraine," GTS of Ukraine.

From October 1, 2030, to September 30, 2045, bookings for increased combined capacity will occur through the GSA system, auctions - July 3, 2023. The next stage is the economic utility of the new gas transportation system. If positive results are obtained, an agreement will be signed to launch the project.

"The implementation of this long-term project will allow businesses to receive guarantees of stable resource transportation from Poland. Especially since Poland is actively working to create its own energy hub and develop the capacity of LNG and pipeline gas transportation of Russian origin," GTS representative Andrii Efanov.

Both Ukrainian traders and non-resident companies can take part in the supply of gas to underground gas storage facilities in Ukraine.

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