Ukraine and Romania are ready to become strategic partners

Monday, April 26, 2021
Ukraine and Romania are ready to become strategic partners

The Minister for Foreign affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign affairs of Romania

The ministers of the two countries noted their readiness to start a strategic partnership and move towards a mutually beneficial course."Ukraine seeks to formally launch a strategic partnership with Romania. This will mean special relations between our States. Bohdan Aurescu and I have agreed to make this a reality,” —Dmytro Kuleba said. The Minister stressed that the strategic partnership between Ukraine and Romania will not only strengthen both our States but also contribute to the security, stability and prosperity of the wider region.

The ministers discussed joint financial opportunities to expand economic cooperation, increase trade and strategic paths to a successful economy of both countries. The parties also agreed to focus the activities of the working group on" rel="dofollow">energy.

The European neighborhood policy covers a very wide range of issues and areas of cooperation, including trade and economic integration, mobility and migration, regional conflict resolution and more. The security component, of course, plays a key role in combining the efforts of the EU and partner countries to create a zone of security, peace and prosperity around the Union that benefits all.

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