Ukraine became a full member of OIML — International organization of legal metrology

Thursday, April 22, 2021
Ukraine became a full member of OIML — International organization of legal metrology

Thereby Ukraine fulfilled another condition for the association of Ukraine and the EU and became one step closer to industrial visa-free bypass

On 20 April, the Ministry of Economic Affairs received a formal letter from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning Ukraine’s acquisition of OIML membership. This report was published on the website of the Parliament of Ukraine.

“Ukraine has come a long way in gaining full membership in this organization, namely during the 23 years since 1997, when it was a corresponding member of OIML. The status of a corresponding member hindered the development of the modern metrological system of Ukraine and the possibility of its recognition at the international level”, noted Minister of Economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine Igor Petrashko.

With OIML membership, Ukraine will participate in all voting, technical committees and the OIML certification system. The certificates are determined by each State which is a member of the Organization of legal metrology.

“Full membership will allow national manufacturers of measuring equipment to supply their products to the markets of member states of the organization without additional procedures for their evaluation. In addition, Ukraine's acquisition of OIML membership is important for the implementation of the provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, as well as a significant step towards industrial visa-free logistic”, commented Ihor Petrashko. 

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