Ukraine — Builds, Russia — Destroys

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 27, 2022
Ukraine — Builds, Russia — Destroys

On March 26, bombs were dropped on the architectural gem of Ukraine, Lviv. The city is on the border with Poland

In the aggressor's inherently cheap manner of attacking at night, the Russians began destroying the lions as soon as the sun went down. We will not disclose the exact locations due to security issues.

4 explosions and, previously, 7 victims from the local population.

The mayor of Lviv talked to journalists. Andrii Sadovyy suggests that Russia is sending congratulations to the US President, who is currently in Poland, for such insidious actions.

Key to the briefing:

  • Russian troops inflicted 2 strikes on critical infrastructure. One of the blows hit an oil depot in a residential area of ​​Lviv. The second — on the object of the defense structure, which is also located in the housing estate;
  • 5 people on the first blow asked for help. There are no victims;
  • Firefighting is underway at both sites. The damage is serious;
  • The shock wave damaged the infrastructure of education — the school and kindergarten windows were blown out. There are no victims.

"Lviv. Massive missile strikes. another large Ukrainian city. With great historical value. Near the border. Inside the city embassies of many countries. But the barbarians of the Russian Federation are not interested in anything no history, no heritage, no foreign diplomatic missions. Will Europe continue to "pacify"?" wrote Mykhailo Podoliak on his Twitter.

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