Ukraine Destroyed the Occupiers’ Den in Kherson

On November 4, the Ukrainian army destroyed the once amazing eco-hotel, which the occupiers turned into a military base
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The Golden Pheasant hotel complex is located in the Kherson region, in the Oleshkivskyy Sands nature reserve

Charming Ukrainian nature, fresh landscapes, a small zoo, and tiny eco-houses. During business trips to the Rozdolne agricultural complex, the GT Invest team always stopped at this recreation centre.

But when the war began, and the Russians began to appropriate everything they saw in front of them massively, the Golden Pheasant hotel complex was occupied by the invaders and turned into a place of their permanent displacement. The hotel became a military base.

On November 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the hotel along with the occupants and their military equipment.

"A hit was recorded, and a detonation in 2 hours," Oleshki mayor Yevhen Ryschuk.

Currently, there are no exact data on the quantity of destroyed equipment. But it is known for sure that the hotel complex was completely destroyed. But for Ukrainians who loved to rest there, the memory of this distinguished place was spoiled the moment the foot of the occupier crossed the threshold of the hotel.

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