Ukraine Developing Over 30 Wind Generation Projects Amidst Growing Renewable Energy Sector

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 24, 2024
Ukraine Developing Over 30 Wind Generation Projects Amidst Growing Renewable Energy Sector

Ukraine is actively advancing in the field of renewable energy, with more than 30 wind generation projects currently in development

These projects, spearheaded by a combination of Ukrainian companies, Turkish firms, and German investors, are at various stages of readiness, according to Artem Nekrasov, the Director of SE "Guaranteed Buyer".

Key Insights

  1. Diverse Investment: The projects involve a mix of Ukrainian, Turkish, and German investors, showcasing international confidence in Ukraine's renewable energy potential.
  2. Timeline for Launch: Some of these wind generation projects are projected to commence operations between 2025 and 2027. These timelines indicate a robust pipeline of renewable energy initiatives despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.
  3. Pre-War Initiatives: Many of these projects were initiated before the onset of the war, reflecting a long-term commitment to sustainable energy development in Ukraine.

Solar Energy Adoption

In addition to wind energy, there has been significant progress in solar energy installations:

  • Corporate Investment: Over the past two years, numerous Ukrainian businesses have started installing solar power systems to meet their energy needs. Notable retail chains like "Silpo," "Epicentr," and "Novus" have already installed solar panels on their rooftops.
  • Energy Independence: This trend underscores the drive towards energy independence and resilience, especially in light of the country's challenging energy sector situation.

International Support

Nekrasov emphasized the continuous support from international partners in providing infrastructure for solar generation projects. This support is crucial in helping Ukraine develop a resilient and sustainable energy sector.


Ukraine's commitment to renewable energy is evident through its development of over 30 wind generation projects and the active adoption of solar energy solutions by businesses. With ongoing international support and investment, Ukraine is poised to enhance its renewable energy capacity significantly, contributing to energy security and environmental sustainability in the region.

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