Ukraine Does What No One Expected

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 1, 2022
Ukraine Does What No One Expected

Germany turns its course 180 degrees and supplies Ukraine with weapons

German minister of forign affairs Annalena Burbock says Putin has chosen to wage war against civilians and wage war against the European peaceful order.

And while Ukraine acts as a shield for all of Europe, Germany decided to reconsider its position and began to support Ukraine with weapons. Previously, Germany adhered to a no-arms policy regarding Ukraine because it believed that in this way, it would be able to avoid war. However, Putin did everything possible to start the war. And Germany close cooperation with Ukraine and the policy of supporting our state.

We remind you that on April 1, Germany accepted the offer to become the guarantor of Ukraine's security at an hour when Russia's war against Ukraine will be in the past.

"We are in a situation where NATO is in solidarity with Ukraine, and on the other hand, Russia, which has made it clear that there are no red lines for them." We support Ukraine with weapons, which we have not done in the past, because the reality has changed so cruelly," Burbock.

Annalena Burbock also believes that Putin started the war based on lies.

"When my chancellor, when others, like the president of France, talk to Putin, obviously they tell him that he started this war with a lie, that he violated international law… but he obviously does not listen to my chancellor and other international partners. The few people around him who can talk to him are hesitant to tell him the truth about the reality in Ukraine that his troops are not as successful as they obviously thought in the past."

Whatever it was, no matter what arguments Putin was hiding behind, Ukraine is irrevocably on the path to victory.

Ukraine will win!

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