“Ukraine Energy Initiative” From the UN

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 24, 2023
“Ukraine Energy Initiative” From the UN

"Ukrenergo" became part of the international project to restore and decarbonise the Ukrainian energy sector

The state energy provider of Ukraine, Ukrenergo, has joined the UN project Ukraine Energy Initiative. The project was created to pool international resources to restore the Ukrainian energy system after the Russian attacks. At the same time, it is essential not only to build better than it was but also to meet modern demands for clean energy, green production, decarbonisation and the use of alternative sources.

An international industry alliance will help Ukraine's energy sector weather the devastation and scarcity caused by the Russian war. As a result of targeted and massive Russian strikes on the energy centres of Ukraine, all thermal power plants, several hydroelectric power stations and regional energy centres, 40% of Ukrenergo's infrastructure was damaged several times in a row. Restoring Ukraine's entire energy system will take at least 10 years and ≈ $37 billion.

We remind you that this winter, Ukrainians spent 5 weeks without electricity and water around the clock.

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