Ukraine Evacuates Lions and Bear to Savannah 

Ukrainians raised funds for the evacuation of 11 lions and a bear rescued from the occupied cities to South Africa
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During the war, the Russians killed not only people but also animals

Russians entered zoos, and nurseries and shot animals. Some of the animals died of starvation. Some animals that were in the occupied territories of Ukraine were rescued to Kyiv and other regions.

The "Wildlife rescue centre" and "UA Animals" saved 12 lions and a bear from different cities in Ukraine. During the shelling of Kyiv on October 10, the lion Bretsel was frightened by military fire, in a panic, he tried to escape from his enclosure and smashed his muzzle on iron bars. 

Within a week, veterinarians cured the lion, and the Ukrainians managed to raise almost $6.000 to evacuate war-affected animals to their natural environment — the savannah of South Africa. Bretzel, 11 more lions and the bear Yampol got a chance to forget the war completely.

"First, the animals will go through a 30-day quarantine in Poznan, and only then will the lions go to South Africa, to a quiet life without explosions, cages and human cruelty. Yampol will remain in Poznań for the time being, where he will have a large enclosure built into the natural landscape and adapted to its appearance," the "Wildlife rescue centre" and "UA Animals".

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