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Collection of the most disturbing photos of the week with a description
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Russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for 288 days. Ukrainians are learning to live in a new reality. But sometimes it would seem already the usual state makes again howl like a wolf on February 24
Bahmut is called the new Mariupol

These photos were published on the page of the initiative of president United 24. They show all the pain of Bakhmut, the Donetsk region, and the suffering of Ukraine. The photos were taken at the military hospital by Australian photographer Chris McGrath, Ukrainian colleague Serhii Nuzhnenko and Turkish photographer Metin Aktas.

The Guardian published photos telling how winter began in Ukraine. Journalists mentioned that missiles had hit ordinary Ukrainians in their homes. The Guardian adds that more than 6 million people are in difficult conditions this winter due to a lack of heat and light after Russian attacks on power plants.

Ukrainian photographers published equally disturbing photos. December 4, Kyiv metro, people are hiding from Russian missiles. In the photo is a man who protects the country every day. But on that day, he defended his several-month-old daughter in the subway.

Kharkiv turned into a cemetery. The photographer Yan Dobronosov took 2 pictures. On one of them, he captured the cemetery of Russian missiles. There are all the missiles that the aggressor has launched on the Kharkiv region for 9 months. It is not possible to count them yet. Every day new air-raid alarms and explosions are heard in the region. But the number of dead and injured destinies can be named. 

According to the prosecutor of the Kharkiv region, Oleksandr Filchakov, at least 1635 people died as a result of blows from the side of the "neighbour". The human losses in the Kharkiv region became the second work of the Ukrainian photographer.

Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom from Russia, even though every day, someone's life cuts, a family falls apart, and a house disappears.

We are strong. We are invincible.

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