Ukraine Exchanged “Azovstal” Fighters on Godfather Putin

On September 21, Ukraine managed to return home more than 300 soldiers from the Russian captivity
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In Ukraine returned national heroes, legends of war whose names are associated with the factory Azovstal in occupied Mariupol

The 108 fighters who surrendered at the end of May were exchanged for Volodymyr Putin's relative, Victor Medvedchuk.

"To give Medvedchuk for real soldiers is not a pity. He went through all the investigative actions envisaged by the legislation, Ukraine received from him all that is necessary to establish the truth in criminal proceedings," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in the appeal concerning the exchange of military prisoners.

In the below photo, you see Mykhailo Dianov: Russian flayers pulled Elizarov's apparatus out of the hand.

Ukrainians were very pleased with the fact that the commander of the regiment Azov Denys Prokopenko and his deputy Serhii Volynin also live and were on the exchange list. Other commanders from Azovstal Sviatoslav Palamar, Denys Shulha, and Oleh Khomenko are already in safety. These 5 soldiers will be protected by Turkey until the end of the war. Defenders of Ukraine will be sent to Turkey, where they will live and undergo treatment. In addition, among the dismissed fighters from Mariupol, Mykola Kushch (Frost) and Kostiantyn Nikitenko (Fox), whom the invaders wanted to strike. Dmytro Kozatskyi, whose photos saw the whole world, also returned from captivity.

The Ukrainian government fought for freedom for girls from Azovstal. Ptashka, which recently appeared on Russian TV channels, was moved to Ukraine. Mariana Mamontova, a pregnant military medic, also returned home.

In addition to 108 people from Azovstal, another 107 defenders of Ukraine returned home. These are members of the national guard and territorial defence, police, border guards, customs workers, and even civilians.

An important event was the return of foreign fighters to their home. CNN reported that all foreign volunteers who defended Ukraine are free. Saudi Arabia became a 3-party, which allowed the dismissal of Britons, Americans, Moroccans, Croats, and others.

According to the president of Ukraine, negotiations on the return of fighters to their homes were long — the Russians wanted to take godfather Putin in exchange for 50 Ukrainians, but Ukraine wanted to return as many heroes as possible. 

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