Ukraine Exports Organic Salmon

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 30, 2021

Salmon grown in Ukraine is sent to the EU for further processing

On September 28, the conference Export of organic products from Ukraine 2020: analysis and trends was held. Irнna Fedorchenko, a member of Organic Standard сщьзфтн, shared the news about the unique export unit from Ukraine.

Among other things, Fedorchenko spoke about the basic and most popular units of organic products for export.

“In 2020, there were no significant changes in the structure of exports of organic products. The main export category remains raw materials, oatmeal, cereals, oilseeds. However, processed products and berries equalize and add value to the structure of organic exports.

Among the berries exported blueberries frozen, last year exports were at 6 thousand. Annually, this figure is in about the same range but increases exports of dried blueberries. Also, the export of organic frozen raspberries has almost tripled compared to 2019 — up to 3.2 thousand tons," said Iryna Fedorchenko.

According to Fedorchenko, the most promising exported organic products are oatmeal, tomato paste, nuts, and birch. Often these goods are sent to Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic already processed and ready for use.

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