Ukraine Smells Like Melon, Honey and Summer

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 13, 2022
Ukraine Smells Like Melon, Honey and Summer

The Canadian brand "Meleg Perfumes" has released the perfume "Slava Ukraini"

The phrase "Slava Ukraini" is a patriotic Ukrainian greeting. The first part of the greeting translates as "Glory to Ukraine". The answer to this greeting is "Glory to Heroes" ("Heroiam Slava").

On the bottle with perfume from perfumery house Meleg Perfumes there is depicted a trident, under it is written "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heroes" in English transliteration. Inside the bottle is a girl in sunflowers. On the back, you can see the blue-yellow flag.

According to the Canadian version, Ukraine received a sweet aroma. Perfumes note that it smells like Ukrainian summer. There are sweet notes of honey and lime color in the spirits, melon. Lime gives the depth of the heart.

The founder of the brand Matthew Meleg supported Ukraine and said that a Slavic grandmother raised him. The perfumer noted that his grandmother had fled the USSR because of Stalin's regime.

"We have created Slava Ukraini as we want to support the armed struggle of Ukraine. The Ukrainians are the only ones who stop Russia from invading the rest of Europe, and victory is the only way out," said Matthew Meleg.

The cost of Canadian perfume is $181. The Meleg Perfumes will send the Ukrainian army $45 per bottle of perfume sold. The money will be transferred to an open account of the National bank of Ukraine, opened for the support of the army.

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