Ukraine Implemented All EU Recommendations

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 8, 2023
Ukraine Implemented All EU Recommendations

On March 6, Ukrainian prime minister Denis Shmyhal announced that the country had fulfilled 7 points to start accession talks with the EU

Shmyhal made a statement on carrying out all necessary changes in Ukraine to continue work towards signing an agreement with the European Union. The appointment of a new manager of the National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine is considered the final stage. On March 6, the government appointed Serhii Kryvonos, the first deputy minister of customs in the Odesa region, as head of the agency.

This appointment was the result of Kyiv's work on anti-corruption reforms. As part of the reforms, it was necessary to improve the dynamics of court cases and to appoint a permanent chapter for the authority responsible for identifying, suppressing and detecting corruption offences.

In addition, in June 2022, the European Commission made other 6 recommendations to continue negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the political and economic union. Among them:

  • Anti-oligarchic law;
  • Media Law based on the EU Directive;
  • Reform of the Constitutional Court;
  • Implementation of judicial reform;
  • Reform of law enforcement agencies following European standards;
  • Adopt a law on national minorities, considering the Venice Commission's recommendation.

Note that the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, a week earlier said that negotiations on the continuation of Ukraine's path to the European Union can begin this year.

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