Ukraine Initiates Mass Production of Advanced Kamikaze Drones

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Ukraine Initiates Mass Production of Advanced Kamikaze Drones

Ukraine is gearing up for the serial production of kamikaze drones akin to the Russian “Lancet,” aiming to bolster its unmanned aerial capabilities

Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation, revealed that the nation is on the brink of launching mass production of these drones, with the first contracts slated for signing in the upcoming weeks. These advanced UAVs are expected to significantly enhance the operational range and impact of Ukrainian forces.

In an interview with Forbes, Fedorov highlighted the strategic need for drones capable of striking targets up to 40 kilometers away, emphasizing the importance of expanding Ukraine's UAV arsenal beyond the current 20km range offerings. The forthcoming drones, designed to mirror the capabilities of the "Lancet," will fill a critical gap in night-time operations where targeting over extended distances poses a challenge.

The minister expressed optimism about the swift deployment of these drones to the front lines, anticipating that their introduction will soon be felt by enemy forces. Although specific timelines are challenging to pinpoint, Fedorov confidently projects noticeable effects on the battlefield within the next two months.

The "Lancet" UAVs, employed by Russian forces, have proven to be highly effective in targeting and neutralizing key assets, including air defense systems and artillery units. These drones come in two variants: the heavier "Lancet-3" with a take-off weight of 12 kg and the lighter "Lancet-1," weighing 5 kg.

Recent reports suggest Ukraine has already managed to disrupt the production of "Lancet" drones, indicating a strategic shift in the UAV warfare landscape. Additionally, an investigation by the Institute of Science and International Security uncovered Western components within the Russian Lancet-3 UAVs, tracing back to the USA, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, underscoring the global dimensions of military technology and supply chains.

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