Ukraine is a European State in All Senses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 21, 2022
Ukraine is a European State in All Senses

On February 18-20, during MSC, were held a series of dialogues with world leaders, who officially reaffirmed their support and recognition of Ukraine as a full member of the EU

More and more EU countries have begun to see Ukraine's membership in the union as an event in the near future and necessary to maintain the European order. On February 21, the minister for foreign affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, in his online speech to the Ukrainian people, spoke about specific examples of support from EU countries on our path to EU membership.

More than 10 diplomatic contacts took place during the day. Dmytro Kuleba spoke with US secretary of state Anthony Blinken and took part in a meeting of G7 ministers. This is a positive signal that Dmytro Kuleba was invited to this conversation, his position and the position of Ukraine were heard. This is a clear signal of the special attitude of the group of seven most powerful economies in the world — Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. The Normandy Troika met at the ministerial level. Dmytro Kuleba also spoke with his French and German colleagues. He spoke with the ministers of foreign affairs of Canada, Georgia, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Kenya, and Norway. Meetings were also held with the ministers of Australia, Belgium, and Liechtenstein. Each conversation was very substantive.

"We urge our partners to reject any hesitations and unfounded reservations and to say clearly: Ukraine is part of us, we are one. I do not know how quickly this will lead to the result we expect, but from all the conversations I have had here in Munich, I can tell you that, as never before, European countries, even those skeptical of Ukraine's membership in The EU has started thinking about this issue," Kuleba said.

The main impression of Dmytro Kuleba from Munich is that the world is clearly on the side of Ukraine, not only in words but also in deeds.

Ukraine signed with Bulgaria a joint declaration in support of Ukraine’s European perspective. It is the 8 country to have signed this document with Ukraine, i.e., almost a third of EU members have officially supported Ukraine's European perspective. Let us remind you, that Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and the Czech Republic signed the joint declaration with Ukraine earlier. 

"Colleagues, it is time to give Ukraine a European perspective. Clearly define and say that Ukraine will be a member of the EU. And this must be done right now because Ukraine is a European state in every sense. And Ukraine will be a member of the European Union. The Ukrainian people will be a member of the European family. What seems impossible today may well be possible tomorrow because of our work because we will work systematically and consistently on it."

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