Ukraine is in the TOP-3 Exporters of Chicken in the EU

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Ukraine is in the TOP-3 Exporters of Chicken in the EU

Ukraine ranks third in the ranking of poultry exporters to the European Union, reports UNN (Information agency) Ukrainian National News concerning the extreme statistical reporting of the EU

In January-September 2021, Ukraine exported 72.7 thousand tons of chicken to the EU and took 3rd place in the ranking of the largest suppliers of poultry meat to the European Union.

Brazil and Thailand take first and second place. The countries exported 174 thousand tons and 106 thousand tons of poultry meat during the reporting period, respectively.

It should be noted that against the backdrop of the pandemic, supplies of Ukrainian chicken to the EU sank — by 11%.

Along with this, Brazil (+0.9%) and Thailand (+2.8%) slightly increased product supplies.

The largest domestic chicken producer and exporter — MHP (Nasha Ryaba) — announced its operating results, where it reported an increase in exports. For nine months of 2021, the company supplied 300 thousand tons of chicken meat abroad, 8% more than last year.

MHP notes that they have an international BRC certificate (British retail consortium certificate), which allows them to put their products on the shelves of world stores.

MHP — The Mironivsky hliboproduct is Ukraine's largest agricultural production company, based in the small city of Myronivka, Kyiv oblast.

Nasha Ryaba brand was created by MHP in 2001. 

BRC is a British retail consortium. The company was founded in 1996 by retailers who wanted to harmonize food safety standards across the supply chain. 

Nasha Ryaba became the first Ukrainian brand, under which consumers were offered not traditional frozen chicken legs but chilled fresh chicken.

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