Ukraine Is Internationally Supported. The World Knows Ukraine Will Win

The editors of “GT Invest” received a letter of support for Ukraine from a US citizen, in which he asked to share his support and provision for all Ukrainians who are responding courageously with the assurance of victory

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July 28, "GT Invest" CEO Olexii Prokhorenko received a letter from David Soley, business consultant of "Whitlock Consulting Group", Chicago

In his letter, David Soley expressed his support for the entire Ukrainian people, admiration for our courage in the face of war. Since the letter was addressed to all Ukrainians, the author asked to share it with families, friends and all who serve with us. Therefore, we decided to publish the letter fully, retaining the author's grammar

Establishing Purpose for Global Support, Allow Ukraine to Win

Show support and provision for all Ukrainians who are responding courageously with assurance of victory. Like all world victors Ukrainians are moving past the unfortunate trials of suffering and death. They are strong and united in faith; they are the Kingdom’s chosen ones; they are slaying the evil one. United in faith and spirit each Ukrainian becomes a force of many. Let’s honor Ukraine will and purpose with arms of might. Ukrainians are the faith's living symbol of bravery. Let’s honor their efforts with endless means of victorious power and capacity.

Facing headwinds of relentless and evil force, Ukraine is marching on freedom’s pathway led by spirited and noble forces. As Ukrainians courageously rally, their pathways are marked with foot trails of blood, loss, and immense sacrifice. Yet gallant Ukrainians continue their advance to end this unjust war triumphantly showing the world their valor and resourcefulness to overcome evil. Those who journey on this track are strong in faith, showing rightful force. Ukraine knows they will win.

The principles of leadership, fortifying beliefs and values motivate Ukrainians toward victory. Those who lead, inspire others to follow, establishing purpose for valiant people. Leaders are charged with inspiring direction to their nation. These men and women are Ukraine’s current and future leaders. Ukrainians are the key embodiment for a future free European world. Let’s honor Ukraine’s tremendous will, providing the means to end this war with great victory. Honor Ukraine with grace, proper support, and perseverance toward mission fulfillment. These defenders are Ukraine’s best. They are determining their own and their children’s future.

Those who follow are also leaders, guiding those who seek direction and victorious outcomes. Ukraine is being led by a nation of leaders who gather inner strength from winning expectancy. A believing nation, all Ukrainians are responding with anticipation of great victorious outcomes. A great nation standing tall, is marching forward to a triumphant end

Ukrainians are defending freedom with accompaniment of self–determination, and the expected outcome of complete liberty. Their acts of bravery and sacrifice are today’s stories. All of us in our moments of introspectiveness should ask, could I be as strong? Could I be this courageous? Would I be willing to die so others can be free? Ukrainians have answered; their examples of fearless valor are world stage topics. They show resourcefulness with minimal capabilities, imagine what Ukraine accomplishes fully armed. World leaders need to respond with strong enabling forces of might. Allow Ukraine to gain peace and rest from conflict.

Nations do not show contentious behaviors from foolish policies. The world does not want to undergo another global tragedy. Instead, world leaders cast a mighty strength upon Ukraine. Enable current and future generations to build a great and lasting nation. Lord God, allow the Ukrainian people to experience each day’s calmness without future fear.

Ukraine is being carried by courageousness and will, yet their efforts are being stained by a treacherous and devious Russian government. Each day sacrifices are occurring; cries are heard. Harsh judgment awaits perpetrators wrongly committing crimes against the innocent. The world will never forget. Nations who associate with evil must also be remembered; they lack moral righteousness. Their leaders must be marked with condemnation. Let the world judge them.

Leaders of the world, be suasive in asking your people to support

Ukraine. Show intentionality and assurance of certain Ukrainian victory. Allow your messages to reflect Ukrainian love and honor. World leaders, exercise the principles of leadership and directional planning, stand tall, share global wisdom, and sound bearings as you lead your people. Project certainty of Ukrainian victory, pointing out how your citizens are contributing to Ukrainian triumph. Support Ukraine, you are helping Ukraine win.

World leaders, imagine a free and joyful Ukraine recognizing you were the enablement, helping a great people experience wonderful blessings. Feel and imagine the delight, knowing peace has come to this great land. Allow love’s interconnectedness between nations be directed at supporting Ukraine.

Leaders visualize the laughter of children, parents, and friends as they gather and experience life’s goodness with one another. Allow Ukraine to enjoy the calmness of night. Permit the gentle winds to blow freedom across this wonderful land. Each of you represents an enablement for this great outcome. Support Ukraine, help Ukraine experience God’s favor of endless goodwill. Ukrainians are the world’s indomitable people.

Written by David Soley

May this letter, as evidence of global faith and support, inspire and strengthen every Ukrainian who stands up as a shield in defence of peace and democracy. Glory to Ukraine!
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