Ukraine Launches Mariculture in the Dry Estuary: A New Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Ukraine Launches Mariculture in the Dry Estuary: A New Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The Ukrainian government has authorized the use of the Dry Estuary water area for mariculture activities, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs through electronic auctions for leasing rights

As reported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the decision marks the first time in Ukrainian history that the government has opened up a water area for commercial marine aquaculture, specifically in the Dry Estuary in the Odesa region.

This initiative is underpinned by the governmental order "On the holding of an auction for the sale of the right to enter into a lease agreement for the water area (water space) of the Suhy estuary for the purposes of marine aquaculture," No. 60. The Dry Estuary, characterized by its free water exchange with the sea and sufficient salinity, is an ideal location for cultivating mussels, various types of shrimp, and other marine life.

The lease agreement, set for a duration of seven years, takes into account the time required for initial preparation and the third-year profitability timeline typical in mariculture. This venture requires entrepreneurs to set up technological devices like floating cages and shellfish collectors. Upcoming auction announcements promise exciting opportunities for interested businesses.

Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy Vitaly Holovny emphasizes mariculture as a burgeoning economic sector, drawing on the successful practices of leading countries like Norway and Chile. Despite current underdevelopment compared to the global market, Ukraine's mariculture holds immense potential, given its favorable natural and climatic conditions.

This move aims not only to boost Ukraine's economy but also to cater to the growing global demand for seafood, offering high-quality, healthy, and affordable options for the domestic market. Mariculture in Ukraine is poised to become a future trend, aligning with global seafood market projections that estimate significant growth by 2028.

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