Ukraine May Attract Up to $282 Bln Private Investment

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Ukraine May Attract Up to $282 Bln Private Investment

The IFC and the World Bank published a report on the most attractive areas for investment in Ukraine during and after the war  

According to the document, the rapid estimate of damage suffered by Ukraine as a result of the russian military invasion is at least $411 billion. The report was made regarding data from March 2023 and not the final, as the war continues. However, the World Bank considers that Ukraine remains an attractive platform for investment, so may attract from $73 to $282 billion of private funds for post-war recovery.

If Kyiv continues to implement reforms, according to the recommendations of international organisations, the IFC and the World Bank predict an increase in investment in the country’s post-war recovery almost twice. If not — the economic dynamics will not be able to rise above the one observed before the full-scale russian invasion. There will be investments, but their value will not exceed $73 billion.

Tasks for local authorities and government to attract at least $30 billion in investments:

  • Continue land and irrigation reform;

  • Complete institution-building and increase the availability of affordable financing;

  • Create conditions for the introduction of climate-optimised agricultural technologies.

Ukraine’s extractive and energy industries may potentially raise $132 billion. Of these, about $36 billion is needed to rebuild destroyed by russia. The country has everything necessary to invest in these industries, but it’s crucial to continue the development of the industry policy and establish diplomatic relations.

Investing in Ukrainian housing is also possible in the case of continuing state reforms and strengthening cooperation between developers. The amount of income may be up to $90 billion, where $30 billion is needed for household reconstruction.

Transport and logistics potentially carry Ukraine $7 billion for recovery and $41 billion for additional investment.

Thus, the investment climate in Ukraine remains attractive, even though the reforms in the country are still incomplete and the war continues.

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