Ukraine-Moldova Launch New Railway Line  

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Ukraine-Moldova Launch New Railway Line   

"Serpneve-1-Basarabeaska" will open on March 25 and after the victory of Ukraine will become one of the central commodity routes to the ports of Odesa

Before the start of the full-scale Russian attack, Ukraine and Moldova built a railway line along the Serpneve-1-Basarabeasca route. From the point of view of transit potential, this branch is a strong commodity route from the ports of Odesa to the EU countries. Due to the war, plans for the development of a new commodity route were delayed, but the base for strengthening investment growth and scaling international business has already been laid. Now it has become known that on March 25, Ukraine and Moldova will launch the Serpneve-1-Basarabeasca activity.

"This will also serve as an impetus for the growth of investments in terms of business, the development of transit potential and logistics routes in the future," Serhiy Zvyagintsev, representative of the State customs service of Ukraine.

A separate benefit of the new route is compensating for the bridge's logistical load in Odesa's Zatoka territory, which stopped functioning due to regular Russian armed attacks.

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