Ukraine-Moldova Restored Railway Route Kyiv-Chisinau

After 24 years of pause, the states launched a train between the capitals and called it “Train to Victory”
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On November 6, at the Chisinau passenger railway station, the direct route Chisinau-Kyiv opened

Ukrzaliznytsia and the Moldova Railway will serve the route. For the past 24 years, the course has not been used for several reasons, and now it will run 3 times a week.

"This train will provide a good connection to the airport; we intend to simplify the logistics to the airport, to Iasi and Bucharest. We have big plans for the development of passenger transport — safe and comfortable transport. We live in a time when we can achieve what seemed impossible just a year ago. I am sure that after the victory of our brothers in Ukraine, we will resume traffic to Odesa and other cities," Oleg Tofilat, director of the Moldova Railway.

Train to Victory is stylized by Ukrainian artists and displays some plots related to the modern history of Ukraine. Each of the carriages is dedicated to one of the regions of Ukraine, which is currently under Russian occupation. The train dedicated to the Donetsk region is decorated with graffiti Azovstal, which is located in Mariupol.

"This is a race with important symbolism. This train is a train to victory; each carriage represents a temporarily occupied region. One is dedicated to the already liberated Kharkiv region, and I am sure that this train will indeed become the train of victory. It is also a symbol of our partnership, and we are happy that you are with us. Our good-neighbourly relations have turned into a relationship of brotherhood," фmbassador of Ukraine to Moldova Marko Shevchenko.

We remind you that in August, after a 25-year break, Ukraine and Moldova resumed rail freight traffic along the Berezino-Bessarabiaska route.

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