“Ukraine Must Win the War”

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 22, 2023
“Ukraine Must Win the War”

The PM of Mark Rutte Netherlands believes in a victory of democratic values

On February 17, Netherlands prime minister Mark Rutte was in Kyiv. There he held a conference with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. During the interview, the foreign politician expressed deep support for the people of Ukraine.

In the first place, the prime minister noted that the armed forces of Ukraine and civilians of the country are fighting not only for their victory. Ukrainians fight for the security, freedom, and value of other countries. Rutte also said that the Kyiv regime can continue to count on the support of the Netherlands. The Government of the Netherlands provides significant support in the area of military equipment for ammunition. Amsterdam had previously announced the preparation of 100 Leopard-2 tanks for Ukraine. He called on other countries to continue to do whatever was necessary to defeat the aggressor. Aid must be included in economic and military support. 

The main result of the meeting can be considered the statement of the guest about confidence in the victory of independent Ukraine over Putin’s Russia, which invaded a foreign country.

"Whatever it takes, however long it takes, Ukraine must win," Mark Rutte summed up.

Polish president Duda shared the Netherlands politician’s opinion. He publicly called on NATO and European leaders to support Ukraine further. He is sure that Ukraine can win the war, and soldiers of the Russian Federation will be forced to leave occupied territories.

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